One Click Community Organizing: Instant Portals

Okay, right off the top we know full well that one click partnership building is not possible.  However, during yesterday's Sprint Review, I was able to see the nearly completed One Click Portal Module.  Thanks to some serious development effort, we will be able to launch Community Operating System Portals with a click.

This is not a small thing.  A CommunityOS Portal provides client tracking and case management, resource directory and asset mapping, content management (everything from calendars to message forums, eNewsletters, file libraries and more), and some seven levels of reporting, all of which can be deployed for the specific needs of an agency, or a program, or a stakeholder group, or a specific purpose.

Need to focus on Elder Care?  What about that literacy initiative, or the Jobs Program?  Does your disaster relief team have the private space to plan and the public tools to get out important bulletins?

The most important part, of course, is that your information can be either completely private between portals, or completely shared, and anything in between.  Thus, privacy can be sustained and collaboration encouraged quickly, easily, and at very low cost.

As I've said before, technology is finally approaching common sense.  Or said another way, technology is finally able to support the complex, dynamic, and evolving needs that are our communities.  As technology becomes ever more powerful and less expensive, we can help to focus resources and assets on the needs of people, not the technology.

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO
VisionLink, Inc.

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