No Wrong Door Webinar for NTEN

We have been selected to host a webinar for NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network).  The session description is as follows:

Economic pressures drive the need, and technology is finally approaching a level of common sense. This workshop will focus on portal-based technologies that allow communities to deploy a single technical architecture, yet allow each organization to use their own client management and resource tools. We'll focus on what information should be public, what information should be private, and what information should be shared to drive collaboration among organizations working with shared clients, resources, and/or objectives. We'll also investigate new reporting technologies that allow real-time reports available through dashboards.

If you would like to learn about how to participate, you can: here

We already have quite a list of distinguished participants.  Clearly, much of the value will be gaining from each others insight and experience.

We will also be presenting at NTEN; we find it be an extraordinarily effective gathering of nonprofit leaders and system builders.  More as we approach the conference dates.

Dr. W. Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO
VisionLink, Inc.

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