Staying Healthy

Here is what we are doing to promote a healthy staff, particularly during the flu season.

Because we are in the business of providing mission-critical technology to our customers, staying healthy becomes a core business objective.

We have launched a health policy that essentially instructs staff need to work from home if anyone in their household has any symptoms of ill health (even just aches or sneezing). Further, they cannot come back to work unless everyone member of their household is symptom free for 48 hours. Yes, this does require us to make sure that our staff can in fact work from home, but if it helps us stay healthy it's all for the good.

We are also sterilizing the office every day, shifting to paper plates and cups (don't tell anyone--with an office in Boulder, CO that is not very environmental of us), and changing how folks use the water cooler, as this turns out to be a key source of germs.

We have discussed this policy with a number of health experts and we'll continue to review and refine. If you have suggestions, please share!

Here's to a more healthy fall and winter!

Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

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