Evacuation - Special Needs Registries

We are working with IBM Global Services and United Way of America to offer sophisticated evacuation and special needs registries---read more; be prepared.

Working alongside 2-1-1 operations, the good folks from IBM Global Services are available to work with stakeholders in your community or state to discuss, plan, and implement a special needs registry using VisionLink's Community Operating System software.

Depending on your needs, these registries can focus on special needs, transportation, or more general evacuation registries. The point is that after Katrina the public will have little patience with an unprepared response to any significant man-made or natural disaster that impacts your area. Thus, one of the very useful steps is to launch a registry to pre-capture information about those who will have particular needs should disaster strike.

The best part of course, is that current CommunityOS customers need do nothing but add a Portal to their existing system (or perhaps even nothing more than a new tab on your current client intake forms--your call.)

If it would help your local efforts to engage IBM Global Services or the United Way of America, let us know and we will make the introduction. We also have example templates of the kind of data you would want to collect. Don't be surprised next time when disaster strikes your service area.

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