Coordinated Assistance: 400 Members Strong

More than 400 disaster relief agencies, making up the nation's first and largest partnership of independent relief organizations, uses VisionLink technology to support their work. Is your community prepared? You can join today.

Born of the lessons from 9/11, the Coordinated Assistance Network helps disaster survivors gain access to coordinated and coherent support services. Before CAN, long-term relief support was more fractured, and donors had reason to worry about fraud and duplicated services.

Now, every CAN partner can work from a coordinated resource directory, and coordinated client intake and case management tools which appropriately manage information within and across communities and states.

Each partner remains focused on their particular mission and deploys their particular expertise as needed. The CAN partnership simply allows these organizations to work together as never before. The result is magnified and more coherent services, better information about met and unmet needs, and a growing body of professional practice created by the expert practitioners who make disaster relief their life's work.

After Katrina, the public has little patience for charitable and governmental leaders who have not prepared their communities to respond to possible disasters. CAN, funded by the American Red Cross and led representatives from leading disaster relief organizations, is the ideal solution if your community has not already joined.

VisionLink's Community Operating System has won the respect of these national and state leaders, for providing reliable, flexible and advanced technology. During Katrina, we became known as "the one national system that did not fail."

CAN offers a technical platform--but also partnership support, best practices, case management standards, data exchange support and much more. If you would like to learn more, go to When disaster strikes, you will be thankful you did.

Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

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