Co-Lo Moving Truck?

We all resist change. In the realm of technology however, resisting change is like being a chicken that crosses only half of the road. You can imagine the consequences.

VisionLink builds into our business plans a fundamental technical advance roughly every three years. We have one coming up--a full co-lo move to new facilities, and a new architecture for our server systems, and more. Stay tuned.

I remember the "early" days, when we sent our servers out to our customer sites and we provided remote monitoring support. A few years later all of these machines came back to our central location and we began to host our own servers.

The next major step was a complete overhaul of our core database and web server technology. Then we integrated three complete product lines into one. We were becoming a true SaaS provider before we knew the name for it.

Now we are about to fundamentally improve our server systems from top to bottom. This is not only good for our customers, its good for our own staff. It means we can recruit and retain extremely talented staff as they know they are working with really powerful tools and equipment, and in a powerful coding environment. It's not unlike fundraising campaigns; dollars attract dollars. It's the same in technology--smarts attract smart.

Hold on to your hats, I'll let you know when we are done in a few weeks.

Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

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