Dashboard Reports!

It's a MAJOR upgrade... Dashboard reports: pre-built, real-time, graphical, and permission controlled. Show the world what you have been doing--release some Dashboards today.

Okay, more than mild excitement here. We've been hearing the need: deploy reports from pre-built data sets so users don't have to work with the data from scratch. Then offer charts and other graphics to make the point. Oh, and the data should be real time and update itself automatically. Configurable. Easy.

We delivered and I am very proud of the team. The best part is with the Dashboard framework completed, we can continue to release new data sets for all of our customers, or for specific customers as needed, and at little cost.

My best deployment tip? Think of this for funders and key decision makers. Because the dashboard reports are fully integrated with the content management system, this means you can create your own stakeholder-specific narrative report, replete with dashboard summaries about the metrics important to your funders and decision makers. Give special views to your board, others to your staff...you get the point. And they update in real-time, too. Amazing. Deploy a dozen!

Douglas Zimmerman
President & CEO

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